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BARRSO is warmly welcome and created the conditions for the third year or senior students who are in law major or relevant major or passion about the BAR to be researched, reached, worked in professional legal environment, dynamic with depth expertise lawyers. BARRSO helps the students connect with initial knowledges and experiences about the BAR as well as team of lawyers who are already excellent, will help the students orientate for latterly.

You are good students who are studying at Law University as well as relevant training university from third year or senior students, who are in honest and enthusiastic with work, dedicate to learn about the BAR, confidence and solidarity always being welcome at BARRSO.

If the students have high capacity and good comment from the lawyers of BARRSO, BARRSO will create the conditions and recruitment yours after the internship accomplished.

The internship candidates interested, please send to the dossier arriving the email: info@barrso.com


BARRSO is warmly welcome and had the trained policy in accordance with the bachelors who just graduated the university, already worked and internship lawyers to learn more experiences and steps by steps to be confidence walking on the way of professional lawyers and be successful with the BAR.

The Assistant of Lawyers will support to search the legal, translated and reviewed the contracts, contacted with competent authorities, joined the meeting with clients and other work which follow the lawyers’ guidance.

The Assistants of Lawyers will obtain dedicated guidance, promulgating the experiences and creating the conditions for learning the practical knowledges and connecting with a professional environment.

The internship candidates interested, please send to the dossier arriving the email: info@barrso.com

Barrso -Joint-us


With motto to develop the BARRSO becomes a top tier of law firm in Vietnam that BARRSO goes on the same way with brother law firms who already be successful, BARRSO is always welcome and created the particular policy to associates are legal expertise as well as rich experience lawyers

BARSO will entirely makes and builds an environment, including excellent lawyers and associates to bring the BARSO develops strongly and safely not only in Vietnam but also creating the seal of the worldwide.


With excellent development speeds of BARRSO,  warmly welcome and  created the good policy for senior associates who are ready jointed with BARRSO’ s TEAM, Thanks for SENIOR ASSOCIATES so much about that. You are the best and excellent factors THAT BARRSO needed.

Who have worked in competent authorities, the groups, Multinational corporations, and the law firm in Vietnam and oversea, BARRSO is appreciated to open the gate being warmly welcome to you.

Warm regards!


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